Make a Donation

The school district allocates approximately $34 per pupil to pay for basics such as media books, periodicals, guided reading books, classroom supplies, etc.  That’s down from $38 and it’s not nearly enough to provide all the curriculum enrichment activities for our Paton People.

This is why the PTO has worked to increase the enrichment budget, giving our children opportunities that otherwise would not have existed.  The PTO budget also funds some administration and teachers’ expenses so the staff can provide more educational materials.  Your donations to the PTO also help to pay for field study transportation, guided reading books, math manipulatives, consumable art supplies, science materials (the tadpoles and butterflies), and other activities that enrich the basic curriculum.

Please help your Paton People by making an end-of-school tax-deductible donation. We welcome all donations, large and small.

You can donate to our children’s enrichment in one of three ways:

  • Return the donation form below with a check payable to “Paton PTO” to the school office
  • Via your mobile device on Venmo @WalterJPatonPTO
  • Via PayPal here

Every Paton parent is a member of the Paton PTO, and the children of Paton School rely on the PTO budget to help provide these valuable programs.  Please contribute to the PTO general fund.



☐ YES!  I want to continue the PTO’s work of enhancing my child(ren)’s enrichment.
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Please make checks payable to “Paton PTO” (and write “donation” in memo line.)

  Name(s) of parent(s):  ___________________________________________________________

Address:  ___________________________________________________________

Email address:  ___________________________________________________________

(We only use this email address to thank you and send you a receipt)