These are the most frequently asked questions about the PTO. If you have additional questions, please contact us at walterjpatonpto@gmail.com.

Who makes up the PTO?

You! If you are a parent of a student at Paton, you are a member of the PTO. We hope to see you at our monthly meetings, and hear your thoughts and opinions, so that we can be sure our actions represent the wishes of the Paton PTO community.

Do I need to attend meetings in order to participate in the PTO?

No! If you would like to help out with the PTO, but you cannot attend our monthly meetings, simply contact us! We’ll put you in touch with our volunteer coordinator, who can help you find a way to participate. If you have an hour you can spare, let us know! If you can make a regular commitment, let us know! We’re happy to have you as a part of our community.

Do I need to spend money to help the PTO?

PTO volunteers dedicate their time to helping enrich the education of our students. We seek financial donations from the parent community as well, but it’s not necessary to be a volunteer.

Why do we need fundraisers?

Fundraising is a necessary for any PTO. The goal of the PTO is to provide enrichment and support that is otherwise not provided for in the school’s budget. As such, we must raise money to pay for the services we provide. If a fundraiser is not to your liking, please consider writing a tax-deductible check to Paton PTO. In doing so, 100% of your money will go toward the general fund of the PTO.

In what other ways can I support the PTO?

Please take a look at our Ways to Help Paton page for ideas on how you can help support Paton’s PTO without additional investment of time or funds. These are simple things that add up over the course of the year.