Thankful for My Flock

Who are you thankful for this year?

Are you thankful for Mom and Dad? How about Grandma and Grandpa? Your postal or grocery store worker? Your neighbor or friend? Your teachers for making learning fun, no matter where your classroom is this year?

The Paton School Community will be showing Shrewsbury how thankful we are for the special people in our lives.

How can you participate in the Thankful For My Flock fundraiser?

  1. Clink the link below, complete the form, and tell us who you are thankful for this year.
  2. With the donation of $5, we will put that name(s) on a decorative turkey and place it on the front lawn of Paton School along Route 140.

Let’s see how many turkeys we can get on the front lawn and start a new tradition!

Turkeys can be purchased through November 25th.

Complete this form to participate!

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