Spring = Pancake Breakfast Time!!

One of Paton’s longest standing traditions is our Annual Pancake Breakfast fundraiser.  This year families will gather on Saturday, April 6th to share a morning of pancakes, raffles & fun before the real crush of spring sports and other activities make taking time-out like this near impossible.

Whether this is your first time attending or your 4th (or even more!), we promise you’ll enjoy a great morning with your fellow Paton community members. We are grateful for the strong community support we’ve received again this year from our local restaurants, museums, entertainment and service providers and more to help provide items for our raffles and silent auction.  Please check out the full list of our contributors, a silent auction brochure and bid form here.

Finally, our class raffle baskets are a team effort of all our parents.  The kids really take pride in what their class puts together.  We thank you for the donations you’ve made and we deeply appreciate our room parents for helping put together the final products.

We look forward to seeing you on the 6th!

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