Kicking for a Cause is a Success!!

Paton Peeps at Walter J Paton Kickball Tournament
The Paton Peeps

Thank you to everyone – both players and spectators – for coming out to support our 1st Annual Paton Parent & Staff Kickball tournament! We were excited to see so much enthusiasm from everyone and we really appreciate all the feedback on how we can make it even better next year. We are thrilled to be adding a new annual event to our community that brings so many people together for such a good cause.

This year we raised over $1000 towards our annual fundraising goal.  In addition to thanking the players for their contribution, we’d like to thank your community partners that helped stock our concessions stand – The Bean Counter, Wegmans and Roche Brothers.  Polar Beverages also supplied 8 cases of water to help keep our players hydrated.

So, do you have an idea for another great new event or fundraiser?  Come to our meeting in April to share it with the community. Our kickball tournament was a suggestion that came up in our fall meeting and took off quickly.  Your idea could be our next big thing!


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